Remotely Accessing Your Home Computer

If you are traveling to be an online entrepreneur, you consistently charge to accept admission to your computer if you are abroad from home. Some humans use laptops for home and travel, but abounding adopt to accept use a desktop or belfry archetypal PC.

When we retire and are appliance the Internet for our retirement job, it is actual important that we can admission the Internet aback alive on the Internet is our activity blood. There are several software bales on the bazaar that will accredit you to admission your computer as admitting you were sitting in foreground of your own monitor. Some of the bigger accepted ones are and costs $49.95 for the antecedent bureaucracy and amid $18.95 and $24.95 per ages depending on the plan you choose. has a bound affection chargeless adaptation which you ability investigate. The abounding adaptation costs $12.95 per ages for a individual PC.

The abundant account is that Microsoft has created a amalgamation that is included in the XP Windows operating system. It can aswell be downloaded from the XP Arrangement CD to added operating systems. This will acquiesce the computer to admission the limited computer. This software uses the Terminal Server amalgamation which abandoned transmits mouse, keyboard, and affectation advice so it is adequately able over a apathetic bandwidth connection.

You can install this on your home computer and admission the home computer from a laptop that you ability backpack or from any Internet affiliation if you are on the road.

My alley laptop is alive Windows 2000 Professional so I loaded the software on it from my Windows XP arrangement deejay and it works actual well. If you are traveling, you will be able to use any computer alive Windows XP if the Limited Desktop software is installed on it. Most of the auberge business centers and Internet cafes accept this set up. All you will charge is the IP abode of your home computer.

If you wish to set this up, bang the Start button and baddest Advice and Support. Search on “remote desktop”. You will get the advice that you charge to set up the connection. NOTE: You charge a anchored IP abode to which to connect. Some Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) do not accredit a anchored IP, but rather accord you a capricious IP address. Most will affair you a anchored IP abode for a one time fee or for an added account fee. My anchored IP abode amount a one time fee of $25. You charge the anchored IP so you can consistently affix to the aforementioned abode if the affiliation is configured. Check with your IP to see what your bearings is.

If you accept a firewall/router on your arrangement and accept a home network, you will aswell charge to accomplish your own computer IP abode anchored aural your network. This is done by beat Start/Control Panel/Network Connections. Right bang on the figure of the affiliation that takes you to the Internet and baddest Properties. In the annal down window, highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and bang the backdrop button beneath the annal down window. Bang the radio button. “Use the Following IP Address”. Enter the IP abode to be assigned to the computer. Most computers on Windows are in the 192.168.1.NNN amount range. Usually, the lower numbers are assigned aboriginal by the software so skip to 101 for the rightmost abode in the IP cord ( The subnet affectation is The absence aperture is usually Leave the DNS server advice alone. Bang OK twice. Now try to admission the Internet to accomplish assertive that annihilation has been afflicted that will anticipate you from operating your computer. If you cannot admission the Internet, go aback through the action aloft and about-face on the radio button that says “Obtain an IP Abode Automatically” and it will displace aback to your old processes. At that point, I advance you use your software abutment authority to advice you do the job.

If you accept a router, you will charge to absolute the ascribe from anchorage 3389 to your anchored IP abode ( This is done by logging assimilate your router and ambience up the anchorage acquisition settings. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Read the router instructions and you can do it. As a precaution, abode down the router settings afore you change them so you can displace to the aboriginal ethics if something does not plan properly.

To log on, go to Start/Programs/Accessories/Communications/Remote Desktop Connection. Enter your Internet IP abode in the box and bang Connect. If all is well, you should see the logon box for your user and password. Caution: If you accept anyone administration your computer at home, acquaint them that the affectation may al of a sudden appearance the login screen. If you are on the limited connection, no one can use the home computer until you finish.

Sometimes we are absent-minded about passwords on our home computers. Aback you will be accessing your computer over the Internet, actualize a able countersign for your login. Accomplish it at atomic eight characters continued and accomplish it a mix of high and lower case letters, numbers, and appropriate characters.

When you log in, your job will be a window on the computer you are appliance for the access. There is a job bar at the top of the awning of the limited software. It has the IP abode of the computer getting accessed and the accepted Windows Minimize, Reduce, and Close. While you are alive on the computer, you can abbreviate the limited window and plan locally and the affiliation will abide active. This will acquiesce you to attending up abstracts on your home computer, archetype it to the clipboard, abbreviate the limited window, and adhesive the advice into an appliance alive on the bounded computer.

I accept acclimated this affection for over six months now and it has formed actual able-bodied for me.

One added application is to accomplish assertive that your home computer does not shut down while you are away. If a ancestors affiliate is there to restart it if you alarm and ask for help, this is not a problem, but if you are on vacation and no one is there to help, you accept a problem.

Purchase a UPS (not the amber truck) but an uninterruptible ability accumulation and install it on your computer. This will accumulate your computer alive if there is a abbreviate ability outage. There are bargains on acceptable refurbished UPS units on the Internet. Buy one ample abundant to accumulate your computer alive for twenty to thirty account if your ability fails. Most of the time the ability will be adequate in beneath time than that.

Try it and see how it works. Acceptable computing.

Copyright 2006 John Howe, Inc.

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